How do I book your photo booth?
It’s very simple. Click on the PACKAGES button on the top right corner of our page. Once you are directed to that page. You will see a calendar. Search your date and then press enter when you are done.
If a service isn’t available. It will show as FULLY BOOKED.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. A deposit of $100 is required to secure your booking. Non-refundable.

When is my balance due? 
Balance is due no later than 30 Days prior to event. If payment is not made, your event will be canceled and any funds collected will not be refunded. We do this in order to guarantee our clients the date they book.

Do your booths print?
Absolutely! except our social booth. Our social booth is meant more for digital sharing.

When do you arrive to setup? 
We prefer to arrive to setup before your event starts. This way we can avoid any interruptions. We wouldn’t want to arrive in the middle of your presentation. Yikes!

How big of an area do you need for setup? 
We recommend anywhere from an (8’x8′) to a (10’x10′) area, but it can all depend on the services that are booked.

What are your loading/unloading requirements?
We  require that the venue allows reasonable access for loading, and suitable parking once the booth and equipment has been unloaded. No stairs. We will not setup upstairs if there is no access to an elevator. We do this for our staffs safety. Our equipment is very heavy for one person to attempt to carry alone. (No, we will still will not setup upstairs even if help from a guest is promised. Guest tend to forget when we are done with our photo booth  and our staff ends up doing it alone).

What time frame can we have the booth operate? 
The hire period will be for a set period that you choose. The hours must be consecutive. If you would like a break between these hours, there will be an idle fee.

Marquee Letters

What size are your Marquee Letters? 
Our marquee letters are 4ft H x 2ft W.

Can we pickup and drop off the letters after our event? 
No, you may not. We are very careful with our letters as well as our other equipment. Transportation is only done with our commercial vehicles.

Do you have all letters from the alphabet? 
Yes. But please contact us first to make sure we have the letters you are requesting available. We are limited on certain letters.

Do you have numbers? 
Not yet (;

Additional Services

Is there a discount for booking more than one service? 
Yes. This can be with any of the services we offer.

Can the monogram be projected on the floor? 
We prefer it be projected on a wall. A lot of the times when the design is projected on the floor, it looks blurry.