Digital Booth

Small in size, the Digital Booth more than makes up for this with its interactive technology

Perfect for brand activations, the Digital Booth is ideal for social media savvy guests and will amaze and delight them.

Drawn in by the ring of light, the interactive on-screen technology will keep them thoroughly entertained.

Personalized experience

Users will love the chance to capture selfies, create Boomerangs and GIFs, but even more importantly they will love sharing them straight to social media.

The Digital Booth delivers a personalized experience every time, with Lumina creating bespoke templates, custom graphics, print layouts and experiences that reflect your branding and themes.

Enjoy like never

Packed with the latest photo technology, the Aura brings the fun straight to consumers who are drawn to the screen by the bright halo of light that surrounds it. Designed to be portable and ready to go at a moment’s notice, we use these booths when we want to be at our most nimble.